G-GE9JD7T865 Newton , Darwin and The God

 Newton , Darwin and The God

While reading Richard Dawkin's  "Selfish Gene"  a bizarre idea came into my mind. Richard asked to choose between Darwin and Newton , who is greater ? He then replied himself that probably a physicist would choose Newton but a biologist would like to go with Darwin. 

But can you imagine that both personlities unknowingly questioned the authority of God . Darwin's theory of Evolution  by Natural Selection rejects itself the God as a creator . According to him and the  Idea of Big Bang enforce a law of self creation by the evolution with time not by the God. The whole Universe and creatures those live on this Earth are created by some physically & chemically induced and biologically evolved phenomenon. What appears today before us as a universe  is surely a product of  millions  years of evolution and it is still evolving itself on it own not by any supreme power resting in heaven.

Newton rejected the  concept of majority of religions too. Religions tell us there are two different laws first one is for earth and second one is for heaven ( sky ). But Newton told us law of universe is universal. Be it sky ,be it earth , be it any other planet of universe,. not a single  damn place exists where Newton's law is not applicable. He even talked about equality unknowingly . Whether you are Brahman or Shudra, Black or white, Aryan or Non Aryan ,. if you jump over a cliff together you will reach at the bottom together. Unlike the religion Universe's law is same for all irrelevant of their caste ,breed, religion and race . It is Newton's work which is responsible for the ground breaking idea that we found later that neither sun revolves around earth nor it is centre of universe. The idea of earth's revolution around the sun definitely made hard cry to religions. 

But it is unfortunate physicists suffered more than biologists at the hand of church......

By - Kashish Bagi